Our Story

The GEORGY COLLECTION is synonymous with style, class and elegance. Founded on the principle that all women should be able to wear garments that make them feel beautiful, sexy and confident; the garments are a wardrobe essential for the woman who wants to turn heads.  

Our philosophy is centered on offering high-quality design and construction of garments which gives the wearer an opportunity to ooze style and elegance. We believe in great design that inspires their wearers to be classier versions of their everyday selves, allowing them to live creatively and confidently.   

The GEORGY COLLECTION has struck a fine balance between desirable and achievable fashion - a niche we have worked hard to perfect. This collection is for the modern day girl who has her finger on the pulse of the fashion world.

At the heart of the collection lies a strong design aesthetic. Contoured lines and structured silhouettes create a signature style that radiates from every intricate stitch and seam. GEORGY COLLECTION designs are bold and confident, and make the women who wear them feel the same.

Our garments are meant to be an individual addition to your own personal style. It is our desire to give you the confidence to wear it.


Georgina xoxo